Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The "Enjoy It While It Fits" Bonnet

We're going to a wedding this weekend in Salmon Arm.  It's supposed to be very hot and sunny, and apparently there will be little to no shade during the outdoor ceremony.
So the Little Miss needed a fancy hat to wear!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventures in the U.S. of Eh!

Well it's certainly been awhile since my last post... not surprising considering the Little Miss is now 6 months old (!!!) and has decided that she no longer wants to nap during the day... sigh...  But I thought I'd check in with you guys and update you on the goings-on around these parts.
Viewpoint near Manzanita, Oregon Coast
We just returned home last night after a wonderful 9-day vacation to the Oregon Coast (and beyond!).  N and I enjoy travelling and we're always up for a road trip so that we can stop along the way if we want to check something out.  Travelling with a 6-month-old is MUCH different than travelling alone with your spouse, ha ha ha.  Little Miss pretty much dictated our entire trip... if she was sleeping in the car, we didn't dare stop.  But if she was awake and fussy, we would stop ASAP.