Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving Adventures 2011 and the Musings of a Consumer

Well, we're nearly finished unpacking everything in our new home in Squamish.  Thanks to a couple of our friends who helped N load everything into the house last Sunday while I was frolicking in Kelowna on a wine tour and stagette, ha ha! :)  They commented (and both N and I agree completely) that we have a lot of stuff!!!  To be fair, a lot of the boxes contained books - both of our combined textbooks from 4+ years of uni as well as just normal reading books.  And we have a lot of kitchen gadgets and small appliances (mixers, blenders, griddles, etc) but I like to cook and entertain at home.  It's so easy for hoarders to make excuses though, isn't it?
Kitchen disaster!