Saturday, June 25, 2011


My hubby is playing in a slo-pitch ball tournament on Canada Day long weekend and his team entered the "costume division".  The theme is "Cavemen", so he asked me to make him a costume.  No problem.  So a few weeks ago I placed my very first online fabric order at, allowing several weeks for the package to arrive and for me to be able to sew the costume.  But THEN, Canada Post went on strike and locked out its workers... so now my precious package is likely somewhere stuck in customs or sitting in a mail-room somewhere (if it even made it past the US border).  Well then.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Longing For Sunshine

It has been a decidedly crappy spring here on the South Coast.  I know it typically rains here much much more than the Interior, but even longtime locals are saying the weather so far this spring is out of the ordinary.  So what better way to beat the dreary grey blahs than by getting creative with Polyvore!
Summertime Brights

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby O's Bathrobe

I thought I'd better post a bit more about the baby bathrobe I made for my friends' preemie daughter last month...  I used Simplicity 3711 and some fabric I'd found at a thrift store to make an adorable little bathrobe for baby O.  I ended up making size XS - 0-3 months, but since she was born at only 29 weeks it might be a little while before the little darling can fit it.  No matter - both her parents said they love the bathrobe, so I'm hoping it will get lots of use once she's big enough.