Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring is Sprung?

Phew, we just got back last night from a wonderful holiday to Saskatoon (and beyond!).  In typical prairie style it was sunny and +15 on Saturday, and then -5 and snowing on Sunday - ha ha!  Nova did amazing on her first flight(s) - and the West Jet staff was amazing, they even gave her a little "My First Flight" sticker.  So cute!
Havin' a time in her Exersaucer!

My little babe is nearly 3 months old, and is starting to vocalize a lot more, and is nearly rolling over (!!!).  Looks like we're going to have to start buckling her into her change table...

I made this dress for a friend's little girl last year and it just fits her now - perfect for Easter / spring time.
How sweet is she???
Love her long eyelashes
Adorable details on the back
Dress is View 2
I picked up the vintage pattern from the thrift store in Salmon Arm a few years ago for $0.10.  Yes, ten cents!  See my original post here.  The dress turned out so well and I can't wait to make one for Nova!  Since my friend's little one is pretty much one year older than my little one, I figure it will make a sweet Easter dress for 2013!

Before leaving for SK I managed to sew a couple of travel changing pads; one for me and one for a friend's baby shower.  They are seriously so awesome and a must-have for any parent!  I used the Sew 4 Home tutorial found here.  My version is made from some scraps, but I did a better job on the one for my friend.
Brit's version - all rolled up
Ready for use
Mine, all rolled up
Mine, modeled by the Little Miss
I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that you're all enjoying some spring sunshine.
Happy Thursday!

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