Monday, February 21, 2011

Crepe Sew-Along (Update #1)

I'm pleased to report that I am finished the top of my Crepe dress as part of Gertie's Crepe Sew-Along!  I think the sew-along has been a great way for me to learn better sewing techniques, but the actual sewing schedule doesn't really work for me...  I'm definitely more of a "guerrilla style" sewer where I like to tackle one project at a time and finish it in (more or less) a single day, rather than someone who only does one small bit each day, dragging it out over a long period of time.  That being said, I do realize that I am fortunate to have lots of spare time - no kids to take to soccer after school, etc etc.  So fair enough - it works for lots of folks.

See feedback and fitting tips on Flickr
I followed Gertie's alterations and moved the bust darts down about an inch, but now it seems a bit weird.  The fabric keeps bunching up under the bust, and some ladies commented on my Flickr photo saying that I should probably move the bust dart back up to its original spot as well as take it in a bit under the bust.  So far, I've just pinned the fabric (no photos yet) and it definitely seems to improve things.  So a big shout out to the Flickr folks!

Anyhow, we took a week-long vacation to the coast (Vancouver Island and Squamish) to visit some friends and just get away from it all, so I fell behind a bit in the Sew Along.  Oh well, I will try and finish the last of it this week.  Possibly tomorrow, I'm rather sleepy now.  Good night!
A picture I took at the Victoria Butterfly Garden - a great place to go on a wet, grey day in February!


  1. Oh, it's looking good! I love this pattern, I just can't quite convince myself it would work on my body... /sigh

  2. You should try it! I find the top makes me look a lot curvier than I actually am... Although I know what you mean - Colette patterns seem to be made for lucky, voluptuous ladies!